Install SketchUp 2016 in Ubuntu 16.10 - the easy way

Recently, I updated my laptop with Kubuntu 16.10 and tried to install SketchUp2016 via wine. The installation got stuck while installing .Net 4 framework. After that, I tried to install it via PlayOnLinux. Althoug, on the playonlinux web site I couldn't find a version for Ubuntu 16.10 I tried to install it via official repos and it was a hit:

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

Writing playonlinux --version returned 4.2.10. Next step was to select 'install program' and to search a Sketchup package. After that it was all just clicking 'next'. One important thing. I already downloaded SketchUp and the installation from local disk wouldn't finish successfully. The solution was to download it via PlayOnLinux.

Happy Linux sketching! Adios!

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