Rotated text in Google Sheets

Google is finally adding support for rotated text in Google Sheets. Hallelujah!

You can read about it here.


How to install Sopcast in Linux (Windows version with wine)

Linux native version runs in terminal and has install dependency issues. Than you have to watch the video with another player.

Windows version works just fine via wine with anf has a nice GUI. You can watch a video directly in it. It is simple to install it and use it. Watch the video below and see it for yourself. 


Install SketchUp 2016 in Ubuntu 16.10 - the easy way

Recently, I updated my laptop with Kubuntu 16.10 and tried to install SketchUp2016 via wine. The installation got stuck while installing .Net 4 framework. After that, I tried to install it via PlayOnLinux. Althoug, on the playonlinux web site I couldn't find a version for Ubuntu 16.10 I tried to install it via official repos and it was a hit:

sudo apt-get install playonlinux


How to install and run pcsx2 in Ubuntu 15.10 x64

Unable to start pcsx2 on Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit

If you are affected by this bug reported three months ago, like me, you must be wondering how to run pcsx2 in Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit? When I tried to run it all I got was this ugly error:
Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine"   


How to install SketchUp 2016 in Ubuntu 15.10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS amd64

I would like to show you how I installed SketchUp 2016 in Ubutun 15.10 x64. My laptop has Intel integrated video card and runs Ubutnu 15.10 x64.

First thing first, install wine. 

sudo apt-get install wine

I am using wine-1.6.2. To find out which wine version you have, type:

wine --version


Print management SafeQ and Linux

If you are using print management in your company on your Windows server and Windows PC's, you may be wondering if it would work on your Linux machines too. Well, to be honest I was wondering that too. 

SafeQ from YSoft is print, copy and scan management technology designed to reduce print costs and increase workflow productivity. I don't know if it really does what it says it does but I know it bothers my colleagues very much when they have to log in to scan or copy. It's not easy to be an IT guy, you take the blame for all kind of shit.